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Louth County Archives


Old Gaol Ardee Road Dundalk Louth

The Mission Statement of the Louth County Archives Service is: "The identification, preservation and availability of the valuable public and private archives of County Louth".

 Louth County Archives Service was founded in 2000 as a result of the passing of the Local Government Act, 1994. It is a repository for the public and private archives of County Louth. This means it holds and seeks the acquisition of archives of Louth Local Authorities and their predecessor bodies. As time and resources permit, private collections, such as those of literary figures and businesses are also acquired.

Additional Information

  • Opening Hours: By appointment, preferably one week in advance.
  • The entrance is on the Ardee Road at the rear of the Dundalk Garda Station. (Please note there is no access via the adjacent Machinery Yard.)
  • Readers are required to complete an application form on their first visit, after reading the Rules for Readers and Reading Room Procedures.

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