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Beyond the Boyne Valley

Drogheda is also the gateway to the historic North East with the bustling towns of Dundalk and Ardee, world class golf courses, Louth's long sandy coastline featuring blue flag beaches, the medieval town of Carlingford on the Cooley Peninsula with its adventure centres, water sports, hill walking, gourmet cookery school and the scenic Carlingford Lough Greenway.

Louth, Land of Legends

Heroic Quests,  Epic Journeys,  Magic, Sourcery, Blood-stained Swords, Jealousy and Love...

Louth is central to Ireland's most famous and fantastic myths, in Ancient Ireland wars were fought over many things including cattle, the most famous being the Táin Bo Cauilnge (The Cattle Raid of Cooley) in which a war was waged over a bull.  The hero of this legend is Cúchulainn, Ireland's greatest warrior.
Stand beside the stone pillar that supported the dying Cúchulainn (at Knockbridge), after his bloody battle with Ferdia (at Ardee).  Visit Proleek Portal Tomb (at Ballymascanlon), it is believed that it was carried to Ireland by a Scottish giant.
See the Cloch an Commaigh (Stone of Decapitation) at Faughart, where in 732 , the King of Ulaidh's head was cut off.  Faughart is also Saint Brigid's birthplace and holy well, site of one of Cúchulainn's battles, and the grave of Edward Bruce, brother of Scottish king Robert, who died in a battle here in October 1318 after being declared king of Ireland.

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In the Boyne Valley, visit the most sacred and ancient sites in Ireland, the pagan God Lugh is said to have lived in an underground palace beneath Brugh na Boinne. Find out more about the Boyne Valley here.